Bewb.org has been the personal playground, soap box, and art gallery of Jason Estes since 2002. Unfortunately, due to a very hectic schedule, I will no longer be updating this site with the usual tidbits of knowledge and photography (unless something just REALLY get’s me going, and then we’ll see). I will however try doing a better job at keeping a more up-to-date list of recently completed projects that I have worked on. Of course I’ve been saying that since 2002. In the meantime, there are still dozens (if not more) places you can see what’s going on in my life. See the section to the right for more details on where you can find me.

So What Now?

Well like I said, there are dozens of other places to find me around the internet. Here are a few to get you going, but you can always just google me and find yet more. If none of those fit your fancy, then just email me: ckestes [at] bewb [dot] org

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